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Magna Wave


Magna Wave PEMF is a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency delivered through a coil that is placed on your pet, equine athlete or yourself by a Certified Magna Wave Practitioner. The blood oxygenation increases, activating the lymphatic system and stimulating acupuncture points. This process can reduce pain and inflammation; encouraging a reduction in swelling and the body's natural ability to begin the healing process. 

Magna Wave PEMF has shown to have many benefits  -- ALL DRUG FREE PAIN RELIEF 

Improved Performance

Reduced Inflammation

Relieve Muscle Soreness & Pain

Pull An Abscess Quicker, Enhanced Healing in Sprains

Strains & Fractures, Arthritis & Osteoporosis

Increased Range of Motion

Accelerate Healing Time of Wounds

and more.....


EQUIMAXX is Magna Wave Certified

Human & Small Animal Certified

Human & Small Animal Certified

Human & Small Animal Certified


Equine Certified

Human & Small Animal Certified

Human & Small Animal Certified


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